Chilean-born photographer and director Nino Munoz got his start photo assisting at the age of eighteen in 1990’s New York City; in the two decades since, he has earned acclaim for a signature style that is at once grounded in fashion – elevated, sophisticated, articulated – while also steeped in the intimacy and ephemeral moments of classic celebrity portraiture. His body of work likewise reflects his versatility as an artist, ranging from multi-day ad shoots for brands and major TV networks, to intimate daylight editorials with Hollywood’s most noteworthy celebrities, to in-studio cover stories for global fashion magazines, and even personal projects on the beaches of Brazil with longtime friend and collaborator Gisele Bundchen.

Nino is also known for crafting an atmosphere of positivity, optimism, and candor on set, making him a favorite of clients and talent alike. Underlying all of his work is his unpretentious, unassuming perspective. “So many people put on a front when dealing with high-profile figures that it becomes an obstacle,” he says. “I approach actors and models like I would anyone else – with respect and kindness.”


When not traveling for work, Nino lives in Los Angeles with his husband and dogs. His photography appears in ad campaigns and print publications across major markets globally.


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